things you see in Texas; Deadly Tornados of Texas 5/15/13

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413 BBI though it would be a good ideal to go take a look at the aftermath of the super storms of the other day.but when i found the places where it happen at turned in to something bad.i didnt think about it being the worst storm in the last 50 yaers in Texas.most places the police would not let you even get near it.i end up feeling so bad i just wanted to go home.or i wish i could have help these people and there familes out.i found myself saying all day in church thank you lord for letting me wake up this morning….over 100 homes destsoyed,250 people dis placed,six people dead and dozens injured.this was just one Tornado in Grandbrook,Texas.there was as many as 12 tornados from Fort Worth to Dallas that night.this one was a EF-4 166-200 mph winds.i did not see them touch down but i will never for get the aftermath i saw.


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