JFK,Dealey plaza Dallas,TX






On Nov.22 1963 our President John F.Kennedy was shot in the Dealy plaza at this very spot where i stand today.he was shot from this building witch was then the Texas depository book store.at 12:30 pm after giving a speech in Ft.Worth early that morning.he was pronounced dead at Parkland hospital shortly after the shoting.it made a hole nation stand still.America suffered a great lost and leadder that day.i was not born yet myself.but im sure it was one of the saddest days of the turn of the century.

The six floor book store is very well guarded and is a gift and tour place now.the grassy knoll is still well kept up with some homeless finding it a place to seek shelter.the hole thang just made me feel a little more patriotic.god bless America


2 thoughts on “JFK,Dealey plaza Dallas,TX

  1. Special Delivery From Heaven To: The Kennedy Family From: John Fitxgerald Kennedy author: Barbara-Ann Jones

    Sorry I had to leave right away I look down and smile at you every day Little Patrick says to say “Hi” I love you, I’m happy, so please don’t cry. And Caroline, I’d like to say, How proud daddy was of you that day When you stood like a lady and watched me go by, You did just like mommy, you tried not to cry. Little John John, now you’re the big man, Take care of mommy the best you can. You stood just like a soldier,your salute was so brave, Thanks for the flag that you put on my grave. And Jackie, we had no time for goodbyes, But I’m sure you could read the Farewell in my eyes. take care of our children and love them for me, I’ll treasure your love through eternity So please carry on as you did before ‘Till all of us meet on heaven’s bright shore. Remember I love you, remember I care, I’ll always be with you Though you don’t see me there. Love,John

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